We very much enjoy being a part of the design process. Whether it is collaborating with a local designer or working through a design with a homeowner, we love bringing original ideas and visions to life to create a unique, personalized and hand crafted concrete top.


The process of fabricating or manufacturing is very involved and takes approximately 3-5 weeks from templating to installation. We visit the home and make a template in a similar fashion to granite or other stone products. The countertops are manufactured in our shop in a highly controlled environment which is critical to the standards of quality we demand for the mixing, curing and sealing processes. We manufacture our countertops in a very ecologically responsible manner making our tops “greener” than most other types of countertops. We use all local cement, sand and aggregates and replace a percentage of the Portland cement with pozzolans, which are waste products of other industrial processes which would otherwise end up in a landfill. We also use a very precise mix calculator while batching our concrete bringing our waste down to almost nothing. Our waste is nearly zeroed compared to granite and quartz products which are shipped around the world and cut from large slabs with much waste. For the sealing process we use water based sealers that contain zero VOC’s which also make the countertops environmentally friendly.


Sound Concrete Countertops will install your countertops for you in all of the Puget Sound area. We prefer to do the installation to ensure proper care is taken regarding transport and handling. If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us.